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Thread: callback does not work anymore

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RE: callback does not work anymore 07.02.2019 21:10 Forum: Bugs

Thanks for replying. I don't understand what you mean with 'resave'. All inbound routes in my account are still available as I expect them to work (did not change anything). I don't have a local backup of my account. If I go to 'personal data' I don't see anything that looks like it will give me a backup or that I can use it to restore a backup. If I just click 'submit and start' I briefly get a white screen, but nothing happens. Please give me some more hints.

Thread: callback does not work anymore

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callback does not work anymore 06.02.2019 20:39 Forum: Bugs

Dear sir,mrs,

I am a longtime satisfied user of pbxes. Last year I needed a premium account because of extended use of pbxes. A week ago my subscription was terminated because I was late in making a new subscription. Two days ago I paid the new (soho) subscription:
It looks like my account is activated again (not well tested). What I do know is that the callback function is not working anymore. I can see in call monitor my call from gsm arrives but it is not forwarded to the callback service I configured in my account. Callback always have worked smoothly and I did not change anything in my configuration.

I hope you can take care this will work soon again, because I can't miss your service.

Best regards,

Thread: RE: soho acount not longer working

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RE: soho acount not longer working 26.07.2017 23:34 Forum: Bugs

Thanks for replying and making the refund. Good to know it was not an administrative issue. Connections are just fine since 20-7.

Thread: RE: soho acount not longer working

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soho acount not longer working 16.07.2017 01:23 Forum: Bugs

Dear sir,mrs,

I am a long lasting client still very happy with pbxes. Since a few days my soho account is no longer working. On 23th of June I did the following:
1. I canceled my existing monthly paypal subscription
2. I payed a yearly subscription with bitcoins
From both I got confirmations from pbxes.

Could you please take care my soho account gets working again.

Thanks, onderdelinde

Update 1:

Dear sir,mrs,

It is awfull I can't use my phones right now. I am very satisfied with the product pbxes offers. But I really have problems pbxes is not reachable for administrative issues like these. What is the prefered way to get an answer on my question. Do I have to buy suport with you ? It does not look like because it is for 'troubleshooting your PBX' which I don't need and it is meant to 'assist you on the phone' which is not possible because .. hmm .. my phone is not working because of the administrative issue above.

Allthough I love pbxes for years, I probably should start looking for a provider with which I can communicate.

Maybe I just missed the prefered way to assign my administrative issue. In that case, anyone please point me the way.

Thanks, odl

Update 2017-07-20:
A few days ago I bought support and made an issue in 'personal support', sofar I did not get any reply. But I tried my connections again and everything is working fine at this moment. I keep this issue open for now because:
1. I really would like to know if the issue was administrative or technical and what was done to solve it.
2. I will keep a close eye on my connections to see if things keep working.

Thread: just want to say how satisfied I am

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just want to say how satisfied I am 31.10.2012 17:51 Forum: Miscellaneous

Hello you great guys from pbxes. I am not sure wetter I am posting in the right forum. I never need support and therefor this forum. It took me a lot of time half a year ago to get my config arranged. But since then my phones are just rock solid working as I want them to work. And they just always work, never any hesitation or strange things happen. Sometimes, like now, I am slightly confused because a connection arrives me while I wonder why. I log into my account and realize quick it is exactly as I configured it myself. The config is still easily understood even if it is a long time after I have been there. Before I had pbxes I had many years of continuous frustration with telecom providers and their awful forwarding, callback and voice mail services. Since half a year no frustrations anymore. I even don't think about my phone system anymore, I am just using it as I had in mind already years ago, but was never able to realize. Since telephony is not an issue with me anymore I have no natural urge for feedback. But now I am shortly in the config I realize I should leave this note and say Thank You Very Much !

Best regards, Rick

PS One minor issue. Callback is regularly not responding. I am called back, but whatever numbers I click the callback is not responding and the callback tone continues. Mostly if I try a few minutes later, callback is working again, so no big issue.

Thread: RE: Usage - pptp

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RE: Usage - pptp 28.04.2012 21:05 Forum: Miscellaneous

Originally posted by jarkaczon
How do You manage to secure your communication?

Well I am still in a testing phase so my experience should not count to much. But right now I am connected behind a vpn like this:
The connection is actually quite good to my own suprise. If I leave the vpn-provider away the connection is worse, probably because the mobile provider is willingly frustrating the connection.

Thread: recordings for vm are not taken anymore

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recordings for vm are not taken anymore 27.04.2012 14:57 Forum: Queues, Digital Receptionist, Faxmail, Voicemail and Ring Groups

Yesterday I was able to make recordings by calling '*77' and '*99' and put them in my voicemail by pressing 'save as announcement if unavailable' of 'if busy'. Today this not possible anymore, my welcome greeting stays empty. I also tried it by calling *97 / *<pin># / 0 / 1 on my softphone. Message is recorded well. But if I call from external phone there is an empty message and I only hear a beep and after a while 'thank you'.

Update 1
One day later replacing recordings by *97 went smooth again. Did not try the recordings in my account on pbxes.org anymore.

Thread: RE: use *21* from external phone

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use *21* from external phone 23.04.2012 22:06 Forum: Queues, Digital Receptionist, Faxmail, Voicemail and Ring Groups

Hello, I was wondering whetter I can organize a forwarding (*21*<telno>) from an external phone/gsm. I find out already that I can listenn to my voicemail from an external phone/gsm (*<PIN>#), so it makes sense to me I can use other pbx codes from external phone/gsm as well.

The reason I need this function is I am often offline and only have my gsm and the gsm is only on on specific times. If my gsm is off all calls forwarded by pbxes to my gsm are instantly taken with a message by my gsm provider. So I don't have a way to use the pbxes VM if gsm is off. So the workaround I see is
1. default in pbxes no forwarding to gsm
2. as soon as I put my gsm on, put forwarding on on pbxes to gsm by *21*<gsmno> and put if off (#21#) before I put my gsm off. In that way I make sure people who know the hours I am reachable will effectively reach me.

I hope someone can help,

Update 1
I found out that if I make an inbound route to the digital receptionist leaving all entries empty, when I call DR from outside I am able to reach all my available extensions. Click 1 to redirect to extension 1, etc. I made a sip-extension in which I pointed the 'PSTN' field to '*21*<mygsm no>'. If I call DR from my gsm and click the extension with this forwarding I get feedback 'forward conditional activated'. But calls are actually not forwarded to my gsm. If I just put '*21*<mygsm no>' on my softphone connected to my pbxes account the forwarding is actually forwarded as wanted.

So my question remains: How can I activate and deactivate forwarding (*21*) from the gsm I want the forward to be made to?

Update 2
Tried something different. Ext 4 on my account is connected to pbxes, I use it to connect my softphone to pbxes. If I call '*21*<gsmno>' all calls to pbxes are forwarded to my gsm, which is what I want. So now I want to try to do the same by accessing Ext4 from an external phone.

First test: So I made a sip-trunk assigned to my regular voipisp. In the Dial rules I put '8888|XXXXXXXXXXXXX'. I made a new outbound route which I connect to this new trunk and in 'numbers started by' i put '8888'. If I now use callthru and dial '8888<testno>' I am connected to <testno> via the trunk of my regular voipisp.

Apr 26 16:03:00 VERBOSE[15027] logger.c: -- SIP/<myvoipisp>-3a42 answered Local/8888<testno>@from-internal/n-adf6,2 
Apr 26 16:03:00 VERBOSE[13897] logger.c: -- Local/8888<testno>@from-internal/n-adf6,1 answered Local/<testno>@from-internal/n-665a,1
Apr 26 16:03:05 VERBOSE[15027] chan_sip.c: Hangup call SIP/<myvoipisp>-3a42, SIP callid 6ea1b475282dca5b785341c77b4f67ec@<myvoipisp> 

Second test: I made a sip-trunk assigned my to pbxes account of Ext4. In he Dial rules I put '8888|XXXXXXXXXXXXX'. I changed the outbound route in First test to this newest trunk and let the rest the same. If I now use callthru and dial '8888<testno>' I am not connected to <testno> via pbxes trunk. System logs says

Apr 26 16:14:05 VERBOSE[72718] logger.c: -- Called pbxes/8888<testno>
Apr 26 16:14:05 VERBOSE[74731] logger.c: -- Got SIP response 482 "Loop Detected"
Apr 26 16:14:05 VERBOSE[72718] logger.c: -- Now forwarding Local/8888<testno>@from-internal/n-7feb,2 to 'Local/8888<testno>@from-pstn/n' (thanks to SIP/pbxes-af05)
Apr 26 16:14:05 VERBOSE[72718] chan_sip.c: Hangup call SIP/pbxes-af05, SIP callid [EMAIL]7c4140724620142a219a8049086168cc@pbxes.org[/EMAIL]
Apr 26 16:14:05 VERBOSE[72718] logger.c: -- Local/8888<testno>@from-pstn/n-a470,1 answered Local/8888<testno>@from-internal/n-7feb,2
Apr 26 16:14:05 VERBOSE[72262] logger.c: -- Local/<testno>4444@from-internal/n-7feb,1 answered Local/<mygsm>@from-internal/n-b4b8,1

So it looks I introduced a loop in the system, which I can imagine

Third test:
In Second test I replace <testno> by '*21*<mygsm>'. It did not work out offcause because of the results of Second test. But I also saw in the log that if I use '*' or '#' they are not forwarded, so it looks I cannot use dtmf codes this way anyhow.

So my question remains: How can I activate and deactivate forwarding (*21*) from the gsm I want the forward to be made to?

Thread: SIP REGISTER attempt failed

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SIP REGISTER attempt failed 20.04.2012 13:03 Forum: Terminal Equipment


I have a very simple question. What do I miss in connecting to onderdelinde@pbxes.org with the softphones (twinkle,ekiga) I try. I use 'onderdelinde' as user and authentication_name. As a password I use same pw as on the pbxes.org website. As domain I use 'pbxes.org'. Feedback on the softphones is 'could not register'. On pbxes.org systemlog I found the next messages.

Apr 20 13:38:20 VERBOSE[13631] chan_sip.c: SIP REGISTER attempt failed for (null) : Bad digest user 
Apr 20 13:38:20 NOTICE[13631] chan_sip.c: Registration from '"odl" <sip:onderdelinde@pbxes.org>' failed - Username/auth name mismatch 

Thanks for helping, Rick

Update. After some more trial and error testing I found out how to make a new pbxes account in 'extensions' and use this account (onderdelinde-<extension-number>@pbxes.org to make a voip connection to pbxes.org.

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