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Thread: RE: G.729 passthru for the Soho account

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RE: G.729 passthru for the Soho account 23.09.2011 10:24 Forum: Feature Requests


I've invested in softphones (win and mobile) with G729 and now I cannot use them. Have VoIP Trunks SPs in Latam that only uses G729 and cannot use them neither. Do not need transcoding. ONLY PASSTHRU.

I think paying 10€ a month for Premium account only for this it's too much. Now I'm trying Voxalot. Really wanted to stay with PBXes.


Thread: RE: Callback - inbound route

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RE: Callback - inbound route 16.09.2011 10:03 Forum: Bugs


I'm testing the Callthru option but the line I'm using is connected through SubPBXes and cannot get the Callthru. Could you please help?

Thanks in advance.


Thread: RE: Sub PBXes

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RE: Sub PBXes 16.09.2011 09:30 Forum: News

Agree. Could you please add SubPBXes status????

Thread: RE: Full G.729 support

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RE: Full G.729 support 15.09.2011 19:24 Forum: News


I've just contracted the SOHO account and only need 1 x G.729 channel for 1 x Extension. Remaining extensions (04 in total) will work with G.711. According to this, Do I really need to buy 4 x G.729 channels in order to not leave my extensions without service?



Showing posts 1 to 4 of 4 results

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