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Thread: Problem with the service

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Problem with the service 28.07.2011 14:25 Forum: Terminal Equipment

I have a SPA8000 ata converter connected to six analog phones.
I had set a different port number for each of them on SPA8000, but almost every month regularly 1 or 2 extensions stop registering and I have a hard time fixing it with a stupid trial and error strategy.

If I set the default port number and domain for all of them, they register, receive, but do not call.
Should I use one port number or six different ones?

Could you suggest anything?
Thanks a lot

Thread: RE: Sql table problem?

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Sql table problem? 22.01.2011 12:18 Forum: Bugs

Apparently all my ext are on line, but I can't call.
I can read this on the log file:
Jan22 12:14:05 NOTICE[82273] config.c: Registered Config Engine mysql
Jan 22 12:14:05 NOTICE[82273] cdr_addon_mysql.c: MySQL database table not specified. Assuming "cdr"

Can anyone help?

Thread: RE: Personal Support???

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Personal Support??? 07.10.2010 09:06 Forum: Miscellaneous

I've payed 15 Euro just to have a simple question answered quickly by the staff, but even if I've sent my question almost 24h ago, I haven't received any reply yet..

Thread: RE: Mini Page

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RE: Mini Page 03.10.2010 18:52 Forum: Bugs

Same problem here. How can I solve it, please???

Thread: RE: Greeting message in MP3

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RE: Greeting message in MP3 03.10.2010 17:45 Forum: Queues, Digital Receptionist, Faxmail, Voicemail and Ring Groups

Same problem here. I've just posted it in a different thread. I'm on a Vista PC and converted to wav with audacity.
Parameters are correct, but it seems it doesn't work...

Thread: RE: I don't manage to hear recording

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I don't manage to hear recording 03.10.2010 17:40 Forum: Queues, Digital Receptionist, Faxmail, Voicemail and Ring Groups

I managed to upload a 8000 hz 16 bit wav file. Unfortunately if I dial *99 as suggested, I only hear an error tune.
No problem if I record it directly, but I do need the wav.

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