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Thread: RE: Error on my account

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Error on my account 16.10.2011 13:35 Forum: Bugs

Can you pbxes guys find out what is going on with my account, been more than 3 days my pbx is down. Even Status: Error loading configuration file variables.txt?aldope=2928 ,

System keep logging me out, was unable to post thread, luckily all of sudden I can post now.

Thread: RE: System Down or What?

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System Down or What? 14.11.2010 01:43 Forum: Miscellaneous

My system has been down for three days. It gets to online for few hours only a day, and I can not login my account. After deactive my Paypal subscription and re-active paypal subscription it goes on line again but only for two hours then offline again, the error message show on my software phone is "Discovering Network" then after timeout "Not connected", in addition to it my ATA is down too. However now I can login my account in pbxes.org now.

By the way, sometimes the error message come out is "destination not found" rather than timeout. Have tried to login from different computers, different IPs but no use.

It happens yesterday when I point my firfox to www.pbxes.or (or .com), it tried www2.. then www3 (i guess) , then www4... but all end up failure.

Is there a maintenance going on? Or any reason?


Thread: RE: Sub PBXes

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RE: Sub PBXes 08.10.2010 06:08 Forum: News

I have this same question too, but can never find answer in forum. Anybody knows?

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