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Thread: RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

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RE: Maintenance www4 / www2 11.05.2015 11:14 Forum: News

Since Friday morning, calls from my (Gradwell) trunks cannot be picked up at all. Can make outgoing calls. Tested the Gradwell service independently and it is working fine. Tried reset through Personal Data menu, but no improvement.
I am on www3, but this sounds very like what others have been experiencing, How can I try changing to another server? This is a very long time without a fix, any suggestions?

Thread: RE: Unacceptable VoIP lag on some extensions only

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Unacceptable VoIP lag on some extensions only 06.07.2012 12:43 Forum: Miscellaneous

We are based in Belgium, with a couple of extensions in UK and Ireland. Call quality between extensions has been super. All extensions are Grandstream GXP2000, set to G.722 as first vocoder choice and PCMU as second choice.

When we opened an office in Singapore, we added 5 extensions there, all configured the same way. These extensions all suffer from bad lag (1.5 - 2 seconds typically) and some echo. This applies to calls between extensions as well as through the trunks. I have tried switching the vocoder choices around, and enabling audio bypass, but neither seems to make a difference.

I can't search on "lag" in these forums, by the way - apparently the word has fewer than 3 characters :-)

I realise that VoIP lag a large topic with many potential causes, but we have identical equipment connected to the same PBXes account, while producing very different call quality. can anyone suggest further troubleshooting steps or possible fixes?


Showing posts 1 to 2 of 2 results

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