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Posted by ed2m on 25.05.2015 at 14:45:

RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

After the migration of servers i have a problems.
The calls entries are not completing. I have to go on "Personal Data" and restart the account every day. Today dont work again.

Posted by i-p-tel on 26.05.2015 at 13:31:

RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

@ed2... All of your trunks are registered, except Skype. We recommend to change passwords on those Skype trunks, to make them register again.

Posted by ed2m on 26.05.2015 at 14:23:

RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

All trunks are registered, but Digital Recepcionist dont work, i dont made any changes.
I change inbound diret do queue and work, maybe a error on digital recepcionist archives.

Posted by buntenbach on 01.06.2015 at 07:48:

RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

Since the recent maintenance of www4 and www2 we have similar problems.
We have 2 GoogleVoiceLines. Both are routed to different digital receptionists to keep the phonecalls in pbxes.
Instead of answered by the digital receptionist, most of the time one phonegroup rings. If you pick up the ringing phone, you hear nothing and the inbound caller is connected to the GoogleVoice voicemail.
Also sometimes the call stayed in pbxes but no digital receptionist answered.
We resetted the pbx very often and moved it from www4 to www2 several times. The only success was that it worked for a very short time as expected.
Before the maintenance of www4 and www2, we had no problems at all. We had some issues with GoogleVoice on www1, but after moving the pbx to www4, everything worked perfect until the recent update.
Thank you for help.

Posted by i-p-tel on 01.06.2015 at 10:45:

RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

@bun... We've activated additional trace info on your Google Voice trunk. Please let us know when calls aren't answered again. Please specify date/time of such event.

Posted by buntenbach on 01.06.2015 at 11:52:

RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

At 11:39:30 (June, 1st) we placed another testcall from a landline to GV. Caller did not hear receptionist and was connected after a few rings to GV voicemail. Ringgroup 3 was ringing. Picked up a ringing phone and heard nothing. The testcall a few minutes before that was ok.


Again a bad testcall at 16:41:30 today. Same as at 11:39:30. Several other tests in between have also been bad. More bad than good calls.

The real problem is that the call does not stay in pbxes. Caller get connected to GV mailbox and does not hear receptionist.

According to the inbound routing, digital receptionist should pick up the call. If no input is made, call should be routed in pbxes to a ring group.

This ring group is ringing. But if you pick up the phone, you hear nothing because the caller is already on his way to the GV mailbox.

Pbxes was functioning perfectly and a great tool until the Update of the server. We did not change anything in our setup.

Still no change and not working: checked again on both GV trunks at 20:33:54 and 20:37:21 (Jun 1).

smile UPDATE June 2:
Today it worked as expected and before the server upgrade. Did you change anything in the software or so? I would like to transfer again to www4. Will it also work there or shall I stay at www2.

Thank you for the good service.

Posted by i-p-tel on 03.06.2015 at 00:07:

RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

We made a change for Gtalk protocol during the night from 1 June to 2 June across all servers. Seems like the adaption is stable.

Thanks for your help.

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