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Posted by i-p-tel on 07.05.2015 at 10:00:

Maintenance www4 / www2

In March we have started migrating PBXes servers to a new operating system platform and to faster hardware. This has been done for www3.pbxes.com and www1.pbxes.com already.

Now we are going to do the same for www4.pbxes.com and www2.pbxes.com, to complete migration. When done, the servers will be capable of auto-updating OS software continously. The new system is supported til 2024. So this will put us in a position to deliver a stable, secure, and performant service in the long term for you.

The scheduled dates for this maintenance are Friday May 8 for www4.pbxes.com and Saturday May 9 for www2.pbxes.com. To avoid any service interruptions, paid accounts are moved to another server during migration.

Please check that you are using pbxes.org as SIP server.

What shall be done if I am using numerical IPs to register?
If you prefer numerical IPs please check that they are set to This address will stay while others are going to change.

What shell be done if I am authenticating with my IP at my SIP provider?
You can already add IPs and to the list of authorized clients. These will be the new IPs of www4 and www2.

I am getting message from Google about suspicious sign in.
If you are using Google Voice numbers as a trunk in PBXes you might get a message because Google detects access from the changed IPs. To continue to use Google Voice with PBXes you will probably have to change your Google password and update this on PBXes, after you receive above message.

Posted by ivancich on 08.05.2015 at 15:38:

RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

It seems to me there is a major failure as my system has been down four about 12 hours now. I have a paid account (SOHO), so I should have been switched over to another server during the upgrade.

My SPA2012 cannot register with pbxes.org. It's trying to connect with "pbxes.org", not an IP address. I've tried power cycling it.

pbxes is not registering with either of my two primary trunks. I'm not using IP authentication.

When I try to view the "Status" page on the pbxes web portal, I get a failure of "Error loading configuration file variables.txt?aldope=64272".

If there were a massive failure in the upgrade I'd have thought there'd be an ongoing discussion here. So I'm baffled.

Posted by i-p-tel on 08.05.2015 at 16:15:

RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

@iva... We restarted your account by clicking "Submit & Start" (in Personal Data). Now it's working. Sorry that switch over did not work for you from the beginning.

Posted by 007voip on 09.05.2015 at 09:20:

RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

My account has been blocked!!! what happened???? Please resolve as soon as possible!!!!

Posted by i-p-tel on 09.05.2015 at 11:14:

RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

@007... Your account is not blocked. Please re-check.

Posted by 007voip on 09.05.2015 at 11:56:

RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

Thank you! I switched back to www1 and issue fixed.

Posted by jnardo on 09.05.2015 at 15:54:

RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

Well, my account has many problems. I have trunks out of service and
call monitor is not working any more.

Thanks in advance

Joseph Nardi

Posted by aloisio on 09.05.2015 at 18:11:

RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

Hi All,
I added a new trunk and none trunk is registering. Is it related to server migration?

Posted by i-p-tel on 09.05.2015 at 20:49:

RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

Some trunks had problems registering probably because of name lookup failures on www4. We've fixed that. Call Monitor is also fixed.

Posted by jnardo on 10.05.2015 at 10:48:

RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

sorry for bothering you, but 5 trunks out of service again .....

Posted by aloisio on 10.05.2015 at 16:10:

RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

Originally posted by jna
sorry for bothering you, but 5 trunks out of service again .....

I have the same issue now but it was working around 10 hours ago

Posted by ivancich on 10.05.2015 at 20:14:

RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

I'm having the same difficulty registering with trunks at:

* inbound22.vitelity.net
* sip22.vitelity.net

They both get time-outs as recently as a few minutes ago.

It had failed around 3am EDT on May 9. It started working around 4pm EDT on May 9. But then it failed again around 3am EDT on May 10.

I downloaded a SIP client on my computer and was able to register at inbound22.vitelity.net.

Thank you!

Posted by garyyates on 10.05.2015 at 23:49:

Daumen runter! RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

I'm having the same difficulty registering with trunks at:


They all get time-outs...

I downloaded a SIP client on my computer and was able to register at inbound22.vitelity.net . My other PBX at rentPBX works fine on all trunks.

Everything has been working fine for months, with no changes on my side?!?

Posted by bagnello on 11.05.2015 at 03:06:

RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

Hello. My trunk as well as my extensions have been unregistered since Friday night. I am a paying customer and am curious as to when my truck and extension will come back. I am able to register my extensions, however my truck will not register. I have provisioned my SIP information that my truck uses on a Linksys SPA2102 and it does register. For some reason when I try to register my trunk on my pbxes account it is greyed out not registered. It is most important that this trunk works by tomorrow morning. Please help.

Posted by jnardo on 11.05.2015 at 06:34:

RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

.....Dns name lookup problem still there. Trunks work only with direct ip address; I had to change them manualy!

Posted by landmark on 11.05.2015 at 10:14:

RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

Since Friday morning, calls from my (Gradwell) trunks cannot be picked up at all. Can make outgoing calls. Tested the Gradwell service independently and it is working fine. Tried reset through Personal Data menu, but no improvement.
I am on www3, but this sounds very like what others have been experiencing, How can I try changing to another server? This is a very long time without a fix, any suggestions?

Posted by i-p-tel on 11.05.2015 at 11:11:

RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

DNS lookup is now fixed permanently on www4. Maintenance is completed. Thank you for your patience.

@lan... Your trunks including the Gradwell ones are registered. You can change servers in Personal Data.

Posted by garyyates on 11.05.2015 at 13:12:

smile RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

All trunks are back to normal.

Thanks very much.

Posted by ed2m on 11.05.2015 at 18:38:

RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

all my extensions dont receive calls from another extensions or inbound routes.
its working last days, today dont work, any changes are made.


Posted by pmarsteau on 11.05.2015 at 19:22:

RE: Maintenance www4 / www2

I am not sure if this is related to the maintenance on www4, but since May 7th, my trunk stopped working from pbxes.org.

When using SIP client, and registering directly to my SIP provider, I am able to successfully connect. But from pbxes.org, I get the following errors in the system logs:

May 11 14:16:05 NOTICE[112540] chan_sip.c: -- Registration for 'xxxx@voip.freephoneline.ca' timed out, trying again (Attempt #1)
May 11 14:16:05 VERBOSE[112540] logger.c: -- Got SIP response 486 "Too many requests"
May 11 14:17:05 NOTICE[112540] chan_sip.c: -- Registration for 'xxxx@voip.freephoneline.ca' timed out, trying again (Attempt #2)
May 11 14:17:05 VERBOSE[112540] logger.c: -- Got SIP response 486 "Too many requests"

Has anything changed on PBXES side that could generate too many requests to SIP provider? Or that could create time out to the SIP provider?

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