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Posted by i-p-tel on 22.04.2013 at 09:16:

TLS Security

PBXes now allows endpoints to register via encrypted TCP communication. This greatly enhances security because SIP protocol normally sends phone numbers, account names, etc. in clear text. Only passwords are usually encrypted.

By using Transport Layer Security (TLS) all signaling between your phones and PBXes gets encrypted while voice packets are still unprotected (this will be offered in the next step).

To connect via TLS please use port 5070. A TLS capable phone needs to be used. Sipdroid 3.0 supports TLS.

Posted by jnardo on 24.04.2013 at 10:08:

RE: TLS Security

Wow, it works with CSipSimple too, but not able to hung up calls while connected or when the other party hungs up; able to do so only when the other party stil ringing and does not pick up the call.
I've installed the nightly build 0.04-05 r2200

Posted by ivodibg on 12.08.2013 at 18:21:

RE: TLS Security

Hi, when are you going to offer the encryption for voice packets?

Posted by montoo on 29.06.2014 at 08:54:

RE: TLS Security

I am using Iphone with Acrobitz Groundwire clients software and was able to configure pbxes and make it work to call.

But now Pbxes annouced TLS security support on port 5070, I tried to configure but was never able to register the extension. I had talk with Acrobitz tech support after sending the log they stated that some issses form Pbxes side.

Request your support team to look into, as some countries banned VOIP and this the effetive way to make calls form such palaces.

Posted by highlandsun2 on 20.07.2015 at 18:36:

RE: TLS Security

How about TLS support on external trunks?

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