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Posted by isadiar on 26.09.2013 at 02:47:

RE: Google Voice Peering

Hello. With no warning, I suddenly started getting "your call cannot be completed" with my free Google Peering created by SIPDROID (which had been working fine for more than a year). I upgraded to Soho, deleted the GV trunk, and added it again. Still, I have the exact same issue. Incoming calls are fine. Only outgoing is a problem.

Please help!!

Posted by z28cueball on 26.09.2013 at 13:17:

RE: Google Voice Peering

Originally posted by isa
Hello. With no warning, I suddenly started getting "your call cannot be completed" with my free Google Peering created by SIPDROID (which had been working fine for more than a year). I upgraded to Soho, deleted the GV trunk, and added it again. Still, I have the exact same issue. Incoming calls are fine. Only outgoing is a problem.

Please help!!

You're not alone... see this thread:

Unfortunately, PBXes' only reply so far has been to say that everything is working fine and to try calling a different number.

Posted by i-p-tel on 03.10.2013 at 16:55:

RE: Google Voice Peering

The block has gone since beginning of October.

Posted by renejaun on 14.10.2013 at 16:05:

traurig RE: Google Voice Peering

I'm sorry, but in my case, the Google Block does not seem to have gone.
I only just tried setting up a Google Voice trunk.
I already went through the steps of
- Confirming the "Suspicious activity" on Google.
- Changing my password (it now contains upper and lower case letters, puncuation and numbers and is 10 digits long).
- Verifying that I'm on WWW3 - I do seem to be.
- Confirming the changes, saving and restarting my pbx.

But still, the log file states, amongst some sql failures:

res_jabber.c: JABBER: encryption failure. possible bad password.

Is there any other possible thing I could try on my side I have overlooked?

Thanks for any assistance!

EDIT: OK, things just resolved themselves. I guess Google took longer than I thought to apply the new password to its own services or whatever.
So sorry the disturbance.

Posted by i-p-tel on 17.10.2013 at 12:46:

Lampe RE: Google Voice Peering

We've added status display to Google Voice trunks.

This is not residing in the status display of SIP extensions and trunks. It gets displayed when opening a Google Voice trunk for details.

Posted by tobim on 07.01.2014 at 03:16:

RE: Google Voice Peering

For me, the following happens:

- Outbound calling works fine.

- For inbound calling, my SIP extensions will only ring within a few minutes of having first registered (i.e. logged in). This means that for example my Handytone 701 will only ring within a few minutes of restarting it. My Sipdroid clients will only ring within a few minutes of logging on.

Any ideas about how to fix this?

Posted by bronder on 16.04.2014 at 23:45:

RE: Google Voice Peering

Will there be an issue with calls comming in or out thru google trunks on May 15? Google is ending xmpp support to google voice on that date.

Posted by i-p-tel on 17.04.2014 at 09:58:

RE: Google Voice Peering

It is not sure because there was no official post from Google about it. See:

Posted by isadiar on 09.05.2014 at 16:26:

RE: Google Voice Peering

Actually, it was officially announced by Google some time ago that they would drop XMPP as of May 15. How will this affect PBXES' paid Google Voice Peering?

Posted by chris482422 on 12.05.2014 at 17:29:

RE: Google Voice Peering

Originally posted by isa
How will this affect PBXES' paid Google Voice Peering?

I would like to know this as well??

Posted by isadiar on 16.05.2014 at 21:15:

RE: Google Voice Peering

I'm having an issue with the ring time on incoming GV calls. PBXES rings only three times (about 15 seconds) while GV rings a full FIVE times (25 seconds) before going to voicemail. There is a whole TEN seconds when the call is in "limbo" and cannot be answered. Is anyone else having this issue?

In my PBXES account I have set my ring time to 60 seconds under general settings and also for each individual extension.

This has also been brought up by others in connection with SIPDROID (which, apparently, rings only twice).

Also, this forum is not allowing anyone to reply or create a new thread even when logged in, so my only option was to edit my own previous post. I've tried under two different paid account logins with PBXES, and still could not reply or start a new thread.

Posted by danylati on 11.12.2015 at 07:28:

RE: Google Voice Peering

so no more google voice trunk?

Posted by i-p-tel on 12.12.2015 at 13:07:

RE: Google Voice Peering

@danylati: Please try to change your password, both on your GV account and on your GV trunk within PBXes. Your System Log recorded a bad password error message.

Posted by buntenbach on 06.01.2016 at 17:43:

RE: Google Voice Peering

First of all thank you very much for maintaining and operating PBXEs. It is a great tool and helps very much for our communication. A happy new year to the whole pbxes-team.

I have also an issue with the incoming Google voice calls. Pbxes rings only for a short time and then sends the call back to google voice.

I would prefer that the call stays in the pbxes system and rings as long as preset in the pbxes setup and after that goes to a pbxes mailbox. Like every other trunk.

Best would be, if you could select in the pbxes google voice setup, what should happen with the call after several rings: Should it stay in the pbxes system or should it go back to google voice. And after what time will it go to google voice, if nobody answers.

When this change is not possible, the time in pbxes should be set to a way much longer time to give somebody the chance to reach a phone and answer the call before it goes back to google voice.

Right now, I found a way to keep the call in pbxes: I have sent the calls to a voice menu. This is not the best solution for me because I do not want my callers to hear that voice menu. But at the end it is better than sending them back to google voice.

Thank you for looking into my issue.

Posted by i-p-tel on 08.01.2016 at 12:30:

RE: Google Voice Peering

There is no way to adjust the number of seconds before Google-voicemail picks up. Thanks for posting your solution.

Posted by bronder on 18.05.2016 at 03:56:

RE: Google Voice Peering

I'm experiencing a problem with Google Voice trunks after using them for years without a problem.

I had two gv trunks working fine for years. However after ipkall discontinuing service I had to get a third gv account into my pbxes.

I'm adding it tonight and when I add it, as normal google blocks the first attempt and the account is not connected. however the other two accounts are also not connected.

some time later, I tried setting up the new gv account without having unblocked it at google and the other two gv acounts were connected.

I went into the google.com/blocked page and unblocked the ip from germany and tried again to get the third acount connected. Now all three accounts are disconnected again.

I know I have the right passwords in place. I'm logging into the accounts to verify them so the passwords are correct and even if the new one was incorrect, why are the other two being disconnected as well?

I logged into all three accounts to see if there are blocked ip's and there are none.

Is it a matter of just waiting before trying again? should I restart the pbx? is there a limit to the number of gv trunks? why should I have to change my gv passwords if i'm typing them in correctly?

Posted by i-p-tel on 19.05.2016 at 15:42:

RE: Google Voice Peering

Our experience has been that just acknowledging the IP warning on Google does not do the job. Only after changing password the account was connected properly.

Posted by bronder on 25.05.2016 at 23:40:

RE: Google Voice Peering

Ok I will change the password on the affected account. However, why are the other two GV accounts disconnected if they have been working properly?

Posted by r25b73 on 04.03.2018 at 20:16:

RE: Google Voice Peering


I noticed a few weeks ago that now opening a free account requires $15 one time fee. Is this the reason I can no longer create a new PBXES account by installing Sipdroid on an Android phone?

Because of this, I cannot connect a Google voice account to a PBXES account either. If I pay $15 fee to open a free account, would I be able to connect a GV account to it? Or, would I need one of the paid subscriptions to use GV with PBSES?

Thanks for your help!

Posted by bronder on 15.03.2018 at 18:48:

RE: Google Voice Peering

My google voice trunks have been removed from my pbxes account. Why? How can I connect them again?

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