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Posted by tijuca on 05.10.2010 at 21:23:

Sub PBXes


What is this new feature "Sub PBXes" ?

Posted by 2021885027 on 08.10.2010 at 06:08:

RE: Sub PBXes

I have this same question too, but can never find answer in forum. Anybody knows?

Posted by dayton on 08.10.2010 at 17:36:

RE: Sub PBXes

verwirrt verwirrt verwirrt verwirrt verwirrt verwirrt verwirrt
me too !

Posted by tijuca on 09.10.2010 at 22:19:

RE: Sub PBXes


I think that nobody knows...Just God knows.
We have to wait the answer.

Posted by i-p-tel on 15.10.2010 at 20:57:

Lampe RE: Sub PBXes

Sub PBXes is for integrating other IP PBXes like local Asterisks, traditional PBXes with IP modules, or FXO gateways into your hosted PBX acting as a master.

After adding a username for a Sub PBX, you may enter that username as trunk into your local PBX. All extensions of the local PBX may then use your hosted PBX over that trunk.

Also other extensions on your hosted PBX will be able to dial into the local one. Just add an outbound dial rule pointing to the Sub PBX (the name of the Sub PBX will automatically appear within the list of your trunks to choose from). The dial rule should contain the numbers of all extensions connected to the local PBX (wildcards are allowed). Also numbers to be dialed out over the local trunks can be added to this dial rule.

Posted by bronder on 16.10.2010 at 08:29:

RE: Sub PBXes

Excellent, I was able to use my Sipura 2002 to dial from my pbxes extensions to PSTN number thru my home PSTN line.
went much smoother than I thought.

Posted by montoo on 18.10.2010 at 07:22:

RE: Sub PBXes

Originally posted by bronder
Excellent, I was able to use my Sipura 2002 to dial from my pbxes extensions to PSTN number thru my home PSTN line.
went much smoother than I thought.

Can you post configuration to dial out to PSTN line?..

Posted by natures on 18.10.2010 at 07:40:

RE: Sub PBXes

Thanks for good work at pbxes.org, this is very useful feature for our organisation

Posted by bronder on 18.10.2010 at 16:33:

RE: Sub PBXes

You want my SPA-2002 Configuration or my pbxes configuration?

How could I post the SPA-2002 configuration? it's a lot of pages from the device. The pbxes config is a lot easier to post.

I do have to not that I had tried to connect my SPA-2002 to a trixbox with the help of a document for that and it had all that config on it already. So maybe that's why it went so easy for me. Just changed the proxy, user and password from the trixbox parameters to the pbxes parameters.

As a preview, here's what I did on pbxes.org:

1- created a sub-pbx, assigned a user name and password for it. Nothing else.
2- Used that user name and password and the proxy name pbxes.org on my PSTN configuration screen on the SPA 2002.
3- The device restarted and after a few seconds said it was registered.
4-Connected my SPA2002 to the PSTN line, that is I connected the PSTN line to the PSTN port.
5- Dial plan on the PSTN line was already xx. so it would accept any number
6-Created an outbout routing on pbxes to have it route local calls to the SPA2002.
7-Tried a call from one of the extensions so that it would match the outbound routing created.
8-I could hear it connect to the SPA and pass the digits to it as it opened the line and dialed them. :-)

Posted by montoo on 19.10.2010 at 05:11:

RE: Sub PBXes

1st of all thanks for posting useful information. I am using Sipura 3000 for making VOIP to PSTN & PSTN to VOIP calls with Pbxes account.

The Sub Pbxes, configuration stated seems elegant solution, but I will try for PSTN to VOIP calls. for Sipura 3000 as it allows FXS/FXO calls.

Posted by bronder on 08.11.2010 at 22:03:

RE: Sub PBXes

I would like to thank the pbxes team for the sub-pbxes option. It's really useful for me to allow an SPA-3000 to connect me to the PSTN.

However, it would be good to add the sub-pbxes in the status screen as a trunk so that users could know the status of it.

Posted by tomatte on 30.04.2011 at 02:10:

RE: Sub PBXes


Some one has a HT503 (Grandstream)... configuring to bypass? like...


#Route Calls to PSTN.

If some has success with tht... please post the configuration...

Thanks in advance.

Posted by rtmont on 31.05.2011 at 15:00:

RE: Sub PBXes

I have connected my Fritz!box 7390 as a subpbx, and I can use an extension on the Fritz!box to call an extension or an outside line on the hosted platform.

I do not know how extensions on the hosted platform can call one or more extensions on the Fritz!box.

The difficulty is that the extensions on the FB start with ** (eg. **620) and this does not work. I can also not call a group of extensions at the same time.

I tried with prefix *# as suggested by diafora in previous posts, but no success.

Perhaps you have experience with this?
Is there another way to be able to call to extensions on the Fritz!box?
How do I create a group of extensions?



Posted by Diafora on 11.06.2011 at 19:46:

RE: Sub PBXes

Hey René,

What you are asking for is very subjective, and almost impossible to setup properly, unless you tell us what kind of SIP UA is connected on every extension.

You see, the ** sequence required based on the infinite wisdom of AVM's engineers, is used as an escape sequence on some SIP User Agents. For example some SIP UA might be invoking VSACs (Vertical Service Activation Code) by prefixing a two digit number with **. So the SIP UA might be trying to interpret a VSAC thus blocking the **ext# sequence from even reaching the Fritz!Box.

It might also be related to a dial plan issue, somewhere along the line that prevents the string from reaching PBXes.

So in order to try and comprehend the issue, you have to list every SIP UA on every extension, Frit!Box & PBXes. This will take some time to sort through, so patience is required.

Posted by vitorouski on 11.07.2011 at 19:53:

RE: Sub PBXes

I've conected my local pbx (AXON) with my hosted PBX (PBXes).

And I've make some succeded test calls:

1 - from my local extensions to outbound routes using hosted troncals.

2 - from hosted extensions to outbound routes using local troncals.

But some failure tests on trying to call from a local extension to another hosted one and trying to make a DID route from a hosted troncal to a local extension.

Any suggestion?


Posted by Diafora on 12.07.2011 at 07:34:

RE: Sub PBXes

Regarding your question for calls from local extensions to hosted extensions, remember to include the vitorouski-SubPBXname in Axon's dial-plan, for calls via this particular trunk to reach hosted extensions.

Looking at Axon's SIP traces will help you determine what the Axon SIP stack sends to PBXes and vice versa. This should also help you determine what is the Axon's SIP stack receives from PBXes on an hosted trunk's inbound call.

Posted by vitorouski on 12.07.2011 at 10:35:

RE: Sub PBXes

Thank you very much.

There was a mistake on my AXON Dial plan.

Using SubPBXes, all extensions in one server can be called from another server extensions.

So i could transfer a DID incoming call from one server to the other one.

It works fine.


Posted by bronder on 03.08.2011 at 01:06:

RE: Sub PBXes

Can you add the status of Sub-PBXes to the status screen?

Posted by wilbertzapata on 16.09.2011 at 09:30:

RE: Sub PBXes

Agree. Could you please add SubPBXes status????

Posted by i-p-tel on 15.12.2011 at 00:26:

Lampe RE: Sub PBXes

Sub PBXes now appear in status screen as extensions.

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