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Posted by telagente00 on 19.03.2010 at 22:32:

A voicemail bug on my extension

I have an extension (321) with a voicemail stuck in the system that I cannot get rid of. The voicemail has no length or content and the delete option has no effect.
Other voicemails delete normally leaving me stuck with just this one.
I have deleted and recreated the extension, also disabled voicemail but the ATA continues to beep. I don't believe the ATA is at fault as I have tried another with the same result.
Is there anything that can be done as I want to keep the extension number,

Hi IPTel, any update on this ?


Posted by bdiederi on 20.07.2010 at 20:04:

RE: A voicemail bug on my extension

I have the exact same problem (x104). I also tried to rectify this by deleting and redefining the extension. The empty message cannot be permanently deleted. The ATA keeps blinking.
Is there no way to rectify this?


Posted by telagente00 on 20.07.2010 at 22:08:

RE: A voicemail bug on my extension

After getting nowhere with this I decided to do without Voicemail completely on this extension.
I disabled VMWI and MWI in the Linksys SPA ATA and at least the annoying rings have gone away.
If voicemail becomes necessary in future I will have to use a new extension number,

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