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Posted by doronin on 05.03.2010 at 17:58:


The one feature I'm really missing is blacklist - ability to have a list of CID for treating them in special way - sending them to VM or just hang up.
Using Incoming routes for this is a pain - if I add so many entries, the routes list will become too large to manage.

Any chance a blacklist can be implemented?

Posted by Diafora on 05.03.2010 at 21:06:

RE: Blacklist

So in essence, expanding the "Caller ID Number" field of the Inbound Routes, in order to add more rows, like the "Numbers starting by" field of the Outbound Routes.

This is a interesting idea.

Posted by doronin on 06.03.2010 at 04:03:

RE: Blacklist

Diafora, your idea is even better - to reuse the filter mechanism and syntax used for outbound routes and trunks - both regexp and plain listing. That would be perfect!

Posted by udofinke on 19.12.2014 at 17:14:

RE: Blacklist

An expandable "Caller ID Number" field as suggested by user "dia" is exactly what I am looking for, too. Implementing this feature would be highly appreciated!

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